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Anyone in your family can do it


You don’t have to be a professional to have consistent, high-quality folds


Finish a laundry load X2 faster than manually folding


Each item can be perfumed, softened and treated while being folded


Get those pesky wrinkles removed

Easy Clipping

Imagine handing over your laundry to a friend who folds it for you.

Designed to allow hanging both sides of the item at the same time. Making the feeding process easy and fast.

Robotic Clothes Folding

We invented patented technology that finally allows us all to have a compact and affordable machine:

Washer -> Dryer -> FoldiMate™

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  • Price

    FoldiMate Family







    ~12-18 months
    * Starting with paid reservations

  • Input

    Item Types

    FoldiMate will fold and treat most of your laundry (e.g. shirts, pants, towels).
    Except for large items like linen or small items like underwear or socks

    Clip Capacity

    ~15-20 items depending on size and feeding speed

  • Output

    Tray Capacity

    10-30 items depending on fabric thickness

    Output size

    9”x11” (~23cm x 28cm); automatically adjustable

    Folding Method*

    We start with a neat, professionally looking fold
    * More methods will be available via FoldiMate’s “internet store”

  • Speed


    Under 5 seconds


    ~10 seconds per item


    ~20-30 seconds per item

  • Treatment(Optional)


    Reduce wrinkles but not ironing


    Perfume, softening, sanitization

  • Dimensions

    Size (WxHxD)*

    28”x32”x31” (71cm x 81cm x 79cm)
    * Average dryer/washer


    ~66 pound (30kg)

  • Connections


    Standard 110v - 240v


    Internet enabled

Subject to terms and conditions

  • How soon can I have a FoldiMate in my home?

    We plan to start accepting pre-orders in 2017, once we finalize the manufacturing plan with our partners. First units should ship by 2018.

    Reservation Priority

    Based on the date in which the reservations or pre-orders were received: First units will ship to paid reservations. Next, units will ship to email registrations. Lastly, those who pre-order will receive their units. We will announce in which regions FoldiMate will be available prior to pre-launch.

  • How much will FoldiMate cost?

    FoldiMate is a robotic clothes and laundry folding machine that will cost a little more than an average washer or dryer, between $700 to $850 is our target price.

  • Will you ship internationally?

    Our goal is to make FoldiMate available worldwide and that is why we are partnering with large appliance manufacturers. When we start accepting pre-orders we will announce which regions will be available first while adding more as fast as we can.

    Regional Priority

    The more we have paid reservations from a certain region the more likely we will prioritise it.

  • Why should I reserve my FoldiMate now?

    If you are like us and you want to have more time to enjoy life and still get the laundry folding done, then you probably want your own FoldiMate. Since production capacity will be limited at first, by reserving your FoldiMate now you ensure that you will be one of the very first few people to use FoldiMate in your region.

    How do I Reserve?

    Type in your email address on the home section and pay the $ down payment to receive 10% off the estimated pre-order price $700-$850.

  • How can I receive a 10% discount?

    Just pay the $ down payment or more and you will be entitled for 10% off each unit you pre-order.

    Paying more then $

    You can contribute more than $ by paying multiple times (check "Remember me" to securely fill the form with your details multiple times).

    This will allow you to reserve more than one unit or show your support for our efforts.

  • Is my reservation refundable?

    Yes, all down payments are refundable.

    How do I request a refund?

    Contact us and request a refund, just provide the email you used to reserve your FoldiMate.

  • How well does FoldiMate fold?

    FoldiMate is a robotic clothes and laundry folding machine, the only way it knows to fold is like an expert. Every time.

  • Will FoldiMate iron my clothes or dress shirts?

    FoldiMate will definitely reduce any wrinkles on items that go through the optional de-wrinkling process. However, it won't replace ironing your dress shirts.

  • Why can't I just put my laundry into FoldiMate?

    We would love that too and it will come in the future! But we hate folding laundry just as much as you, so we weren't willing to wait. This is why we decided to start with FoldiMate Family.

  • Isn't it faster just to fold the clothes myself?

    FoldiMate is like having a friend who enjoys folding the laundry for you. All you have to do is easily feed it, using our patented Easy Clipping™ feeder, which takes about 3 seconds per item. It takes an average person to fold more than 3 seconds (our founder was caught spending 20 seconds folding a shirt).

    Even if you fold faster than clipping each item onto FoldiMate, folding a full load of laundry is akin to loading your dishwasher over doing the dishes by hand, plus, your clothes will be neatly folded every time!


    The actual folding will take an addtional 10 seconds per item or more, depending on chosen program, however, you will be clipping additional items as FoldiMate is folding your laundry.

  • Where do I put FoldiMate in my home?

    FoldiMate is designed to be used on top of your washer, dryer or any standard table. If you want FoldiMate to fold where you normally fold, you will be able to purchase a wheeled table from us.

  • How loud is FoldiMate?

    A lot less than your dryer or washer, similar to a large printer.

  • Could FoldiMate Tear My Clothes?

    There is less than a 1% chance that FoldiMate will do anything other than fold your laundry and treat your clothes.

  • Can I use FoldiMate in my business?

    A professional model is planned.

    No Commercial Warranty

    Using the home model in a commercial/business environments voids the warranty.


We're committed to simplify household chores
with robotics and technology

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