FoldiMate Startup Closes $3M Seed Round - Press Release

By FoldiMate July 18, 2017

The company that is developing the robotic laundry folding machine has closed its seed round and announces a new board member

Oak Park, CALIFORNIA - (July 18, 2017) - FoldiMateTM Inc., the creator of a robotic laundry folding machine for home use, announced today the closing of $3M in seed round funding. The seed financing was completed by several investors who requested to remain undisclosed. The funding will primarily be used to develop and build additional prototypes during this part of our development stage. These prototypes are an essential part of the success of the final product which is currently planned for shipment late 2018, early 2019.

FoldiMate is also proud to announce that Don Norman, a well-known advocate of human-centered design and a former VP at Apple (who has been called one of the world’s most influential designers), has joined its board of directors. Don Norman advocates user-centric designs and his knowledge and experience will help the FoldiMate team design a laundry folding machine that will be simple and intuitive for anyone, of any age or background, to use. “I am very excited to be involved in this project” said Norman. “Clothes folding machines are a new category for consumers: FoldiMate marks the introduction of an entirely new device for the home: automatic folding of laundry.”

FoldiMate has developed a number of prototypes that fold shirts, pants, towels and more. The company plans to unveil an early working prototype of FoldiMate at CES 2018 following its debut at CES 2017 last January with a non working mockup which drew overwhelming attention from both the press and the public.

"Over the last few months the FoldiMate team has grown considerably as we have been hiring leading robotic engineers and experts in order to fulfil the vision we have shared with our customers,” said Gal Rozov, CEO of FoldiMate. “Our plan is to start accepting early pre-orders at the beginning of January 2018 at CES Las Vegas when we will unveil the early working prototype.”

Interested parties can visit to reserve a FoldiMate and receive a 10% discount and shipping priority.

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About FoldiMate
FoldiMate Inc. is a California based startup committed to simplifying household chores affordably through technology, innovation and robotics. The company’s first robotic product, FoldiMate, will put an end to laundry folding at home as we know it.

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  • 3 Months Ago

    Congratulations, your product is wonderful.
    I am eletronic engineer and worked with Electroportable products, and technical assistance specialist, and customers service.Do you need to introduce this product in Brazil?
    i wait your contact!
    best regards

    • Official
      3 Months Ago

      Hi, thanks for the kind words. Please write to us at Thanks

  • 3 Months Ago

    Wishing you the bet of luck. I've been following for a long time.Im happy to be an advocate should we get priority and an earlier release than everyone else. Then we can advertise through our own social media and gives reason as to why others would get on board. Not being able to have something. But since this isn't the case today, Can you just please let me know when it is finally ready? Thx

    • Official
      3 Months Ago

      Hi Damien, we would love you to be our advocate. Everyone who has registered will be kept up-to-date regarding shipping by email. Please contact us directly so we can discuss in detail.

  • 3 Months Ago

    Enfin un produit innovant pour la maison
    Je suis dans le métier de l'electromenager depuis 30ans
    Bravo pour votre innovation... enfin de la nouveauté


    Joël Davy csa ouest Nantes

  • 3 Months Ago

    Cant wait to buy this for my wife this is awesome we can do more other things instead of folding the cloths our self thanks foldimate

  • 3 Months Ago

    Appreciate if the product is released soon as this speculation has been going on for some time..

  • 3 Months Ago


  • 3 Months Ago

    Very interesting

  • 3 Months Ago

    I can't wait for the release!!!!!

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