Summing Up CES 2017 for FoldiMate

By FoldiMate January 31, 2017

As you probably know we returned from CES 2017 Las Vegas just a few weeks ago.

This was a fabulous event for FoldiMate. We know that people are waiting for a solution to help them with the tedious chore of laundry folding, however, we didn’t imagine in our wildest dreams, that there would be so much excitement around FoldiMate.

For those of you who weren’t lucky enough to attend this mind blowing event, we thought we would recap some of our highlights during our trip to CES 2017 Las Vegas.


During the event we ran a social media competition and the lucky winner will be one of the first people to receive a FoldiMate. If you were one of the contestants we just want to thank you so much for taking part. We really appreciate your time and creativity!

Read our post with all the runners up are their submissions.

The winner was Karen Bleacher with this video:

And there were so many more, especially whiteboard submissions:

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1. Showstoppers Launchit Event

The day before CES 2017 opened we were invited to pitch as one of the 12 finalists out of over 100 candidates. This is a curated pitch event built around the companies that exhibit in Eureka Park. If you would like to take a look at all the finalists, Techcrunch wrote a great write-up.

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2. Techstars Startups Competition

On the last day of CES, FoldiMate took another trip, albeit much shorter than the others, to the other side of the Eureka Park hall. We were honored to be one of the ten finalists invited to pitch on the start-up stage. 

We apologize to anyone we shouted at on the way, but it wasn’t easy to carry the mock-up between all the crowds in the Eureka Park area.


1. CES 2017, Eureka Park

booth crowds ces 2017 m0hvp4

2. Showstoppers

showstoppers 2017 hdnifn

We were so delighted to see all the interest in FoldiMate at both of these events.


1. CES Innovation Awards

img 20170105 wa0022 ehjb72

2. Tech Awards - Eye-catching product of CES 2017 from the Dutch Tech Press

tech awards sau3zh


Fox News:

We were delighted to be invited to appear on Fox News. Gal Rozov, our CEO, and one of our early investors took our FoldiMate mock-up to the place they were recording at 4am! But it was well worth it. 

And many others either covered FoldiMate or came by our booth and stand to interview us


We have been so overwhelmed with the amount of press coverage we received during CES, and it just keeps growing.  This makes it all the more exciting for us as we realize just how many people really are fed up with folding their laundry and are looking for an affordable and practical solution.

If you are interested in reading some of the articles that were the results of CES, here are a few of our favorites:

cnet xmdwct business insider kavooi thewallstreetjournal vu8jue
gi gadgets dtl2vc ibt p8fwhn
the wrap pwugnn extremetech nmgf7s


So now we are back and working very hard to make sure we fulfill our promises to you, our customers. 

We will continue to update you as we make progress towards the pre-order date at then end of 2017. 

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