The Foldimate 30-Second T-Shirt Competition Results

By FoldiMate December 01, 2017

Our FoldiChallenge has come to an end and it’s been amazing!

We want to thank everyone from around the world, for sending us your awesome videos and for giving our challenge your very best.The last 24 hours of the copetition were NUTS and ended with a TRIPLE TIE between Nils Van Der Velde, Ramona Neamtu, and Daniel - with a shattering record of 21 t-shirts on in 30 seconds. In this case of a tie, the winner is chosen by whoever received the most votes. One single vote on the last second of the game called the winner; our FoldiMate t-shirt jedi.

So, without further ado;

🏆 FoldiMate’s Fastest T-Shirt Jedi is nifty Nils Van Der Velde with 21 t-shirts in 30 seconds and 4 votes!!

🏆 ‘The One With the Most Votes’ Goes to cool Kelly Dao With 661 Votes!

Congratulations!! You have WON a FoldiMate to fold all that laundry. FoldiMate will be sent to you once it becomes available in your region.

Keep an eye out, we’ll be in touch.   

🏅 The Lucky Voter out of hundreds who voted is Joni Metcalf

Congrat’s! You have WON a 50% discount off your FoldiMate!  

Thanks to everyone else who entered and voted. It was heartwarming to watch you compete along with your kids and family members. We’re looking forward to our next big contest, so stay tuned. Don’t forget to follow us on Facebook and Twitter

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    Magnifique et innovant

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